How Many Airlines Are There in Qatar?

When planning a trip by air with a company from one of the fastest-growing countries in the Middle East, knowing how many airlines are there in Qatar can make your choice somewhat easier. Answering this question helped me decide which airline was the best choice for my needs and wants.

There are four airlines that have headquarters in Qatar – Qatar Airways, Gulf Helicopters, Qatar Executive, and Qatar Amiri Flight. All four are based in Doha, the capital city of the country. Although there are some differences between transportation types and flight policies, these companies will provide you with the best service.

How Many Airways Does Hamad International Airport Host – The Basic Information

At the 2021 World Airport Awards, Hamad International Airport was named the best one globally. Besides its modern architecture, it hosts around 50 companies that land their airplanes in Doha. That’s not a small number, and it’s one of the reasons why this port is one of the most significant ones globally. 

Needless to say, there are American companies that operate here, as well. Here are some of the companies that are based in the United States and serve one of the best airports with regular flights scheduled to and from Doha:

  • American Airlines can get you to Doha from some of the biggest airports in the US – New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas (DFW), Boston (BOS), Atlanta (ATL), Miami (MIA), Phoenix (PHX), Washington, D.C. (IAD), and Huston (IAH). American Airlines also has a great contact center, so if you have any questions, just call them and check whatever you need.
  • United Airlines offers flights to Doha, as well. For example, a round trip ticket from Dallas for one person with United Airlines, in collaboration with other airlines, you’ll be paying around $6,800. 
  • JetBlue offers you a vast range of flights in economy, business, and first-class. Also, ticket prices are reasonable. For example, a round trip from New York to Doha would be around $1,200.

Explore How Many Airlines There Are in Qatar 

When it comes to Qatari air services, know that the best-ranking airline, Qatar Airways, is based in Doha, one of the financial centers in the Middle East.

The other three companies are also reliable and worth the consideration.

However, some of the companies are specialized in certain sorts of flights. So take a look at what these air companies have to offer depending on your needs, whether it’s a cargo flight or you’re looking for a special Boeing airplane. 

What Qatari Airline Will Provide the Best Flying Experience and Has the Largest Fleet

Choose a company that will cover all of your needs and provide you with the best air travel experience. Here are companies based in Doha:

CompanyDescriptionSafety measuresCargo OptionsFleet 

Qatar Airways
One of the largest airlines globally. It’s an air company with the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. It was founded in 1997, and since then, the company has become an elite airline. Safety measures are guaranteed with a Covid-19 safety policy. Since aviation is facing significant challenges, the crew ensures the highest level of safety. Qatar Air Cargo is a specialized department, and it’s one of the world’s leading air cargo carriers. Boeing 777 has a spacious cabin that will change how you view comfort when flying. Add to that the natural light and a high ceiling with a professional crew, and you’ll get the best flying experience. 
Gulf HelicoptersIt’s a leading services provider in commercial aviation. The experienced crew has been providing the highest safety protocols for many years (since 1970). Gulf Helicopters has become one of the leading companies transporting oil and gas, not only in the Middle East but also in nations like Malaysia and India. With their tourism helicopter, clients can get a great tour of the whole Gulf area.

Qatar Executive
It’s a part of Qatar Airways. For the best charter experience, this department offers leading air charter services for governments, corporations, businesses, and individuals.  A fully committed team takes the utmost care of everyone’s safety and does everything to create the best possible experience for passengers. With the Gulfstream G650ER, it’s the leading worldwide commercial operator.You can book practically any charter flight worldwide with numerous private jets.

Qatar Amiri Flight
The government owns the airline for VIP flights. It was founded in 1977 and caters exclusively to the VIP government staff and the royal family of Qatar.The highly skilled team is trained to provide the royal family and government staff with the best flying service. /Boeing 747-8i is the largest business jet in the world.

What Class Is the Best One When Flying Internationally?

The first thing to know if you want to book flights from one of these companies is that safety is guaranteed, whether you’re taking first or economy class.

All professional airlines during the Coronavirus pandemic have a contact-free booking and check-in protocols. 

Now that you know you’ll be safe no matter which choice you make, I’ll explain some crucial differences between the classes these companies provide when flying internationally. 

  • First-class – seats are the biggest difference between classes. There is more room for legs, and the seats are wider in the first class.
  • Business-class – besides flying in the business class being more affordable than the first class, sometimes, the seats are even better. Find out how you can get an upgraded seat with Qatar Airways.
  • Economy class – the cabins are designed in a way so that the seats are more narrow and there is less legroom. 

Check Out One of the Highest-Rated Airlines in Qatar

All of the airlines I wrote about above will provide their passengers with great services; the question is only what you want from the flight. Contact your chosen company for more information and have the best flying experience.