Qatar Airways Lounge Price (Doha) – Enjoy VIP Lounge, Free WiFi, And Fine Dining

If you’re like me, the idea of waiting at an airport for hours on end is enough to make you feel a bit crazy. That’s why I always try to find ways to make the experience a bit more bearable, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by using airport lounges.

But unfortunately, not all lounges are created equal – some cost a lot more than others. So if you’re looking for a relaxing place to wait before your flight, here’s a breakdown of the prices for Doha Airport’s lounges.

What is the price for the Qatar Airways Lounge in Doha? Prices for the Doha Airport Lounge start at $60 per person. In addition to comfortable seating and complimentary Wi-Fi, the lounge offers a variety of food and beverage options, including alcoholic drinks.

The basic lounge features all-day dining, a buffet, Complimentary Wi-Fi, more than 20 beverages including premium Champagne and spirits, a children’s play area, meeting rooms, and showers.

Guests can also enjoy access to a premium Lounge which includes a Jacuzzi and smoker’s room.

Comfy new surroundings on par with a five-star hotel before or after a long and exhausting flight are a game-changing experience. With Qatar Airways, at the Hamad International Airport, you’ll have more than just a few options to choose from.

Get all the right information and learn how much money you’ll have to set aside if you want to use all the benefits of this place. 

Qatar Airways Lounge Prices and Booking

Many people don’t realize all the perks of having a comfortable room to relax in between two long, exhausting flights.

Not only will it remove all the stress, but it will prepare you for the next flight if Doha isn’t your final destination.

However, passengers with different tickets will pay (or not) differently for this service. I’ll explain further down below. 

Here’s how much money you’ll need and what you’ll get:

Product Al MourjanFirst (Gold)Business (Silver)Premium Arrivals
Journey TypeTransfer & DepartureTransfer & DepartureTransfer & DepartureDOH Arrivals

Offered facilities 
Food and serviceFood and Dining serviceFood and Dining serviceFood and Dining service
Wi-Fi access Wi-Fi access Wi-Fi access Wi-Fi access 
Daily newspaper service and magazinesDaily newspaper service and magazinesDaily newspaper service and magazinesDaily newspaper service and magazines
Comfortable seating and resting areasComfortable seating and resting areasComfortable seating and resting areasComfortable seating and resting areas
Shower Shower Shower Shower 
Quiet RoomQuiet Room
Family Areas
TV AreaTV Area
Game Room
Baggage StorageBaggage Storage
Prayer Rooms
Smoking LoungeSmoking LoungeSmoking LoungeSmoking Lounge
Parent’s room complete with nursery, baby changing
Quiet facilities, play area 
Private/ Family
Dining Area
Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverageAlcoholic and nonalcoholic beverageAlcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage
Bar BarBar
Time frame Booking is possible until 24h before the flight departure. 
ChangesNo additional charges if you inform the booking office 24 hours before departure. Cancellation within 24 hours is termed as No Show, and EMD will be forfeited.

Cheapest Lounge in Doha Airport

The Oryx lounge is the cheapest lounge in the Doha airport. It costs $55 per person to enter. The lounge offers a variety of amenities, including Wi-Fi, showers, and food and beverage service.

For a nominal fee, economy passengers will have the possibility to get a pass to the Oryx Lounge at Doha’s airport.

For only $55, you’ll get to transform the whole journey into an experience to remember.

Not only will it give you the feeling as if you were in a luxurious hotel, but it will most certainly ensure you get the much-needed rest and refreshment. 

Al Mourjan Business Lounge

If it’s your first time using this service, you’ll need the basic information of how to book and have an access pass. If you’re confused because there is a lot of different information, don’t worry!

Most airlines have different policies, but booking can be done in just a few clicks when it comes to Qatar Airways.

There’s an online form for the booking process on their official website. Also, you can contact the reservation office or call the customer contact center for more information. 

Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport always ensure all passengers have the best possible experience, and that is why there are the following lounges that will give you the same experience as a top-rated hotel:

  • Al Mourjan Business Lounge,
  • Al Safwa First Lounge,
  • Al Maha Lounge,
  • Mariner Lounge,
  • The Oryx Lounge.

Can Economy Class Flight Passengers Enjoy This Benefit Without Additional Expenses? 

No, if you book an economy flight, you’ll have to purchase access additionally. Since there are three classes (some flights have more subclasses – I’ll explain them later), some classes will have direct access, and some not. Find out how you can save money on flights by getting an upgrade.

The Business and First Class Lounge

The first Qatar Airways class gets automatic access to the most luxurious places at the airport. While most of the business classes (classic, comfort, elite) have access as well, the lite one will have to purchase it additionally. 

First-class passengers will get to enjoy the new surroundings of the completely transformed lounge standard with Al Safwa. Those traveling this way will have a free pass to this innovative place where distinguished guests are the top priority. 

The five-star hotel-looking Mourjan Lounge will give the free and best service to business class passengers. However, keep in mind that the light option will also have to purchase the pass for it. No matter which ticket you have, using this kind of benefit is something you should certainly experience because one of the most awarded airlines – Qatar Airways, redefines lounge standards.

Explore Mariner Lounges

Qatar Airways is one of the airlines that looks after seafarers and offshore workers traveling with them. That’s why there’s a new Mariner Lounge that offers the workers transiting at Hamad International Airport the needed space to relax. If you’re one of them, all you have to do is show the right and valid documentation. 

Experience the Game-Changing Experience of Relaxing in a Lounge 

Flying with one of the best airlines is an experience by itself. Besides transporting you to your destination, Qatar Airways ensures you get the greatest service after landing in Qatar’s capital city.

Freshen up in one of the lounges that will make you feel like you’re in the most luxurious hotel.