Just How Expensive Is Doha, Qatar?

Traveling abroad, no matter where you go, is bound to set you back a pretty penny. It’s usually a good idea to have some sort of awareness as to what costs to expect when you arrive to your destination. Having a budget is a good way to save and that, along with a game plan, can make all the difference. As far as Doha, Qatar goes, just how expensive is it to travel there?

As with any vacation there are many options and choices to make. Do you splurge on a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant or enjoy a quick bite at one of the local venues? Are you in the mood to enjoy some of the local attractions/safaris or would you prefer to enjoy a free, self-guided tour?

At the mall are you going to max out your credit card for souvenirs or just partake in some epic window shopping? Every decision you make on your trip will affect how expensive your trip to Doha ends up being.

It’s likely that the most expensive part of a vacation to Doha will be your accommodations and your flights. There are way too many factors to consider when talking about flight prices (your dates, the airline, and your departure location, etc.), so you will need to do your own research on that part with your own parameters. If you want to save on your flights to Doha you can travel during the summer when it’s low season.

A typical standard hotel for one person can be as low as about $50 per night (or about $100 for a couple per night). You can find upper-class chains, like a Hilton or Marriott, for around $200 per night.

Just remember you will get what you pay for here, so it’s up to you as to the quality of the hotel and what amenities you want to have access to. If you’re the type of person that will be out and about and really only using the room as just a place to lay your head at night, you can save a lot here.

Besides those two necessary costs you will also have a wide array of activities to enjoy in Doha. Here we will be delving into the expected costs you will encounter after you arrive in Qatar, including some of the most popular activities and dining.

Doha Museums / Doha City Tours / Doha Desert Safaris

There are lots of museums in Doha. The most popular ones include the Msheireb Museums, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), Museum of Illusions, and the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ). The tickets to enter these attractions range from about $15-$22 for adults and children (usually 15 or 16 and under) can range from free to $17.

These prices are not too steep considering the amount of culture you’ll learn about and the beauty of the artwork you will get to see. If you are on a tight budget you will be happy to know that the Msheireb Museums are free for all to visit.

If you’d rather feel the hot wind in your hair, you may prefer taking an adventurous city tour or desert safari. These are a bit pricier, but they usually give you a full day’s worth of fun and action, so it may be worth the extra expense.

These can range from as little as $70 per person up to about $200 per person depending on which activity you choose. These tours may include camel rides, dune bashing, sand boarding, beach visits, and an introduction to the city.

Doha Restaurants / Doha Bars

Dining in Doha is usually very affordable, as long as you’re not picking out the most exclusive and expensive restaurants. Breakfast is usually the cheapest meal of the day and if you’re on a strict budget or want to get the most bang for your buck you may want to avoid sit-down venues altogether.

If you can stick with eateries that allow you to grab and go (or even better the street food) this will save you quite a bit. Sit down restaurant, especially ones that are in the tall buildings, the hotels, or on the beach, usually charge more since they offer a view with your dining experience.

Qatar is a Muslim country, so finding alcoholic beverages may be a little tricky. It’s not like in the United States where there’s a bar or pub on every street corner. You can’t just walk into a store and buy a 12 pack here. If you want to enjoy an adult beverage your best bet would be to head to a bar at one of the 4- or 5- star hotels.

They will almost certainly have drinks there, but be prepared to pay up big. An average pint of beer could cost as much as $10 and a cocktail would likely run you about $15. Drinking is definitely an expensive habit, but even more so in Qatar.

Doha Transportation

You will need to have a plan for getting around town after you arrive. Renting a car is fairly cost-effective here with an average sedan ranging from anywhere between $15-$55 per day. The gas in Qatar is cheap, too. If you’re like me, however, you will want to stay far away from the driver’s seat when traveling abroad. Something about trying to navigate an unfamiliar area gives me the creeps.

I tend to opt for Ubers or a taxi. These are relatively cheap, too. One tip to remember, if you’re taking a Karwa taxi in Doha and the meter is not working you’re not required to pay for the trip (although there will be a little back and forth that will surely ensue at the end of the trip with the driver should you take advantage of this rule).

Taking the public transportation is also an easy and cheap way to get around. A trip on the Doha Metro would cost less than $1, and they have multiple lines to ride on with most of them passing by many of the famous Doha attractions. It’ll be up to you as to which mode of transport would best suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Overall, a trip to Doha can be very affordable once you land in the country and secure your room. There are plenty of ways to pinch some pennies and if you always keep your budget in mind and have a plan before your trip, you’re sure to save a bundle.

Speaking of a bundle, one other thing to look into, when booking your flight and room, is a bundle deal. Certain sites offer packages for hotels, flights, and sometimes even rental cars and attractions. Do your research before making your final purchases and always (Always!) read the fine print.