The Best Buffet In Doha : Eat Like A King

Typically when I’m in Qatar, I usually try to visit some of the smaller family-owned restaurants. The quality of the food never disappoints and the service is almost always amazing. However, the last time I flew to Qatar, I had a few friends and some family with me. So, for simplicity’s sake, we mostly ended up eating out at buffets to satisfy everybody. The other day, one of my readers asked, “Where’s the best buffet in Doha?”

Azraq, located in the Banana Island Resort, is easily the best buffet-style restaurant in the entire city of Doha. They serve a wide variety of Indian and Persian-inspired dishes that are bound to satisfy everybody. Whether you’re into biryani, kebabs, vegetarian food, or you just want dessert, they have it all! 

That being said, Azraq is one of the more expensive buffets in Doha… During our last two-week stay, though, I had the opportunity to eat at several different buffets. I made sure to do a quick write-up on my iPhone at each place. So, now that I’m finally back home, I decided it was a perfect time to sit down and write a full post on the best buffets in Doha. Check it out! 

Doha’s Best Buffets

Generally speaking, I prefer to travel alone (or with one or two other companions at most). However, the last time I visited Doha, I ended up bringing several friends and family members. The thing about being the designated “tour guide” in the group is that you’re expected to find all of the best places that suit everybody. 

Doha nightlife was pretty easy (everybody likes to drink and party, right?). However, when it came to finding a restaurant that everybody liked, my group definitely made it a bit difficult for me. So, in order to satisfy everybody’s taste buds, I just decided to take them all to buffets! 

The great thing about most of the buffets in Doha is that they serve several different styles of cuisine (typically Indian, Southeastern Asian, Persian, and Middle Eastern). This meant that there was no excuse for anybody to complain. 

Over the two weeks that we were there, we ended up eating at around ten different buffets. So, below you’ll find my favorite buffets in the city! 

1) Wok Of Fame

When most people think of food in Qatar, they tend to think about popular Persian dishes like biryani (check out my list of the best biryani in Doha here). However, keep in mind that Qatar is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from China and Thailand. So, over the past decade, Asian food has become popular comfort food for Doha residents.

Whether you’re looking for lo mein, ramen, sweet and sour chicken, crab rangoon, or other popular Asian dishes, Wok of Fame (I love the name) has you covered! Once you purchase your buffet ticket, you can pile your plate high and go back for serving after serving of all of your favorite dishes. 

Wok of Fame also happens to be quite affordable (at least compared to some of the other expensive buffets on my list). For just 69QR, you can take advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet, so make sure that you come hungry! 

2) Moti Mahal

Although Moti Mahal may not be one of the best Indian restaurants in Doha, it’s certainly the best Indian buffet in the city. They specialize in Northern Indian cuisine, which means you’ll find some delicious (and spicy) Rahjistani dishes here. Their freshly-baked naan bread is also to die for! 

They have most of the typical Indian dishes that you’ll find in a typical Indian restaurant. My only complaint is that since the meats sit out for a while, they aren’t quite as juicy as you’d get in a smaller restaurant.

Other than that, though, their food is quite delicious. They use real basmati rice, aren’t shy with the seasonings, and offer a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes. Overall, it’s a great lunch spot for the family. If you come when it’s busy in the early afternoon, the food will be a lot fresher! 

3) Asiana

As I wrote above, Wok of Fame is probably the best Chinese-centric buffet in Doha. However, if you’re looking for more of a Western Asian menu, then Asiana is a great place to satisfy your cravings. 

One of the things that makes Asiana stand out from some of the other Asian buffets in Doha is the fact that they have several Thai food options. Before coming here, I’d never been to any buffet that served Thai food in Doha. Needless to say, I loaded up my plate with several bowls of hot curry dishes. 

4) Indigrill

The other day, I made a post detailing the best biryani restaurants in Doha. While Indigrill isn’t quite as good as Kebabbq or Biryani Express, it’s pretty darn close. Plus there’s the all-you-can-eat factor which really seals the deal! 

In addition to Indian-style biryani, Indigrill also serves fresh mutton kebabs and has a killer chicken tikka masala recipe (which goes great with the large naan loaves). After you’re finished eating your main course, don’t forget to try some of the fresh yogurt dishes and other sweet Indian desserts. 

5) Azraq (at The Banana Island Resort) 

Qatar may be small, but it’s also one of the wealthiest countries in the world, thanks to its seemingly neverending oil reserves. While most of the buffets I’ve listed thus far are in the more affordable range, Azraq is on the other end of the spectrum. They charge around 170QR for a buffet ticket, but I swear that it’s one of the best buffets I’ve ever eaten at. 

It’s located at the Banana Island Resort, so expect to be surrounded by wealthy tourists and vacationers. However, the sheer amount of people who come in and out of the resort’s buffet ensures that the food is always fresh. Nothing ever sits out for more than 15 or 20 minutes, and the chefs are always serving new and different dishes. 


To be 100% honest, if you’re in Qatar, I would recommend checking out some of the smaller, more specialized restaurants. This will give you more of the authentic Middle Eastern taste that you’re looking for. However, if you’ve got an appetite and you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet, I definitely recommend checking out at least one of the spots on my list!