Climate of Doha

Due to the arid subtropical climate, there are two major seasons in Qatar: winter, temperate, from November to March, with temperatures hovering around 24°C during the day and dropping as low as 13°C at night in the city and 8°C in the desert.

Coolest months: January and February, when it averages 15°C in the evening. And the summer, hot and humid, with a mercury flirting with 41 °C during the day and 29 °C at night. The sea temperature then rises to 37 °C (compared to 21 °C in winter) and loses all cooling virtues.

The off-seasons, October-November and March-April, are pleasant periods, much less stifling than summer and very mild in the evenings (around 26°C on average).

These data vary somewhat in desert areas where the day-night differential is more pronounced. A good fleece is essential in the middle of January in the dunes near the inland sea!

On the rainy side, very rare showers fall from December to March without ever exceeding 18 mm per month!

Sandstorms can also occur sporadically between March and April and partially destabilize daily life.