Take A Ride On The Lusail Tramway

The Lusail Tramway is just one of the major development projects underway in Lusail’s urban community. While it’s not quite fully operational yet it’s scheduled to begin running sometime in 2021. Let’s take a quick look at some important information regarding the city of Lusail and its futuristic tramway.

What And Where Is Lusail?

It is said that the word “Lusail” comes from the term “al wassail”, which is what a Qatari would call a plant that grows abundantly in the local area. Lusail is a “planned city” which means that it’s a city that has been completely designed and built as one community (versus just slowly growing and expanding from another city).

It is a little north of West Bay Lagoon and will be roughly 15 square miles in size. It’s said that it will eventually be home to about 250,000 people and will provide jobs for about 200,000 people.

The construction of Lusail City has been the task of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and the Lusail Real Estate Development Company. They know just how to achieve their vision of the city and still put the people first.

They also consider what the impact of each element of their constructions would be on the population and adjust accordingly. They want to provide a peaceful and artistic city for the residents that live there and the visitors it’ll inevitably attract. I would have to say, so far they’re doing a great job.

There will be a wide array of buildings and other structures breaking ground in the area as well. This includes houses, schools, office buildings, high-rises, a marina, beach resorts, shopping malls, golf courses, at least 4 man-made islands, and other entertainment facilities.

A lot of structures, including over 20 hotels, have already come into fruition. Once completed it is sure to become yet another hotspot for Qatari locals and visitors alike.

The Need For The Lusail Tramway

As you can see there will be a tremendous need for an easy way to get around the city, and also to Doha. The Lusail Tramway rail system is due to have 4 different lines (Purple, Pink, Orange, and Turquoise) and at least 36 stations throughout the 24 miles of tracks around the city. There is a plan to have at least 35 trams (each of which are about 100 feet in length and can carry over 200 people) in operation.

The city of Lusail is about 15 miles north of Doha, and is trying to set an example by lessening their impact on the climate by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. There is no doubt that the population of Qatar has skyrocketed over the past few decades.

With more people comes the necessity to increase the living area, build new neighborhoods and communities, and increase the transportation options for those that do not live in the city center. The Lusail Tramway will become the answer for many in the region.

Qatar Railways Company (also called Qatar Rail) is in charge of the construction and design on the Lusail Tramway, not the mention the maintenance and operations of this system, as well as the Doha Metro and the Long Distance Rail. Talk about pressure! The goal is to have all three of these major transportation projects done and fully operational by 2030.

There’s no doubt that having access to affordable and fast transportation, from the suburbs to the capital, will help the whole population of Qatar. By starting small, or mainly focusing on transportation within Lusail, it allows those in charge to ensure they get the job done right, without any major issues. There will even be at least 2 stations that will allow for a connection to the Doha Metro!

There’s no doubt that the rush to get this project done asap has something to do with the fact that Lusail will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022 at the Lusail Stadium. Obviously having and influx of millions of travelers will put pressure on all forms of transportation in Qatar.

This goes for the Doha airport (Hamad International Airport), taxi and Uber services, and even public transportation. Think planes, trains, and automobiles and you get the idea.

The History Of The Lusail Tramway Project

This Lusail Tramway project has been in the works for a long time. To give you an idea, Phase 1 (the design phase) started way back in August of 2007. There’s obviously a lot of planning and designing that goes into any and all major city projects like this, not to mention the logistics, building, and construction.

Tunnels began being dug for the project in 2009 and the above-ground railways started getting laid out sometime in June of 2011. This was just the start.

This has been an ongoing project and there’s still much more to do, and in a short amount of time. There are many companies involved in this mission, too. Besides help from the aforementioned Qatari Diar, Vinci Constructions Grands Projects, a French contractor, is also helping with the main design and building.

As with any major project there are many ins and outs, and lots of different companies taking part in the development. That makes it difficult to keep track of all of them and what their exacts tasks are. Just know that many of the companies involved are well-versed in the areas that they have been assigned to, so the project is in good hands. Phase One was finally completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. It includes 16 stations (one of which connects with the Doha Metro).

They say that one tram is able to hold up to 209 passengers, which is as much as 40 car’s worth of people. By allowing people to essentially carpool in the tram this will help to eliminate much of the traffic and effectively lower the amount of pollution created overall.

The ultimate goal is for all residents of Lusail City to rely on the Lusail Tramway to get wherever they need to go inside the city. This will make Lusail a much greener society and it’d be one of the largest sustainable cities in the world. If you’re in Doha and are curious to see how far Lusail has come, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Take a half day and go exploring. Maybe you will even be able to take a ride on the Lusail Tramway yourself.