Best Brunch In Doha – That’s The Spot!

Ah, brunch! The meal that allows you to sleep in and still enjoy the best of both worlds. I love brunch, I think it might even be one of the best terms since they sliced bread, toasted it, and put it together with some bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic (maybe not), but I really do enjoy a good brunch.

If you’re like me, and planning a visit to Doha, you may be looking for a good place to eat a hearty brunch that will keep you full until dinner. Well, I’ve got you covered. Listed below are the top 6 best brunch spots in Doha.

Elements at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Offering a varied mix of Arabic, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese dishes you’re sure to leave here stuffed! No matter where you sit (although if it’s cool outside you should ask for a terrace seat) you will encounter a bright and fun atmosphere. While sushi may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the word “brunch” pops into your head, they actually make it work here. It’s important to note that Brunch at this restaurant is only served on Fridays from 1PM to 4:30PM (also they fill up quickly).

Elements does serve a separate breakfast every day from 6:30AM to 11AM and a lunch Sunday through Thursday from 12:30PM to 3PM. They are also open for dinner from 7PM to 11PM. Their unique bar, well-known for strong cocktails, is open from 5PM to 12AM Sunday through Thursday and 7PM to 12AM Friday and Saturday. If you’re not able to make it for their awesome brunch, don’t give up. The restaurant offers amazing dishes for every meal of the day.

New York Steakhouse at the JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha

This one has recently opened back up on some Fridays, and requires a reservation, but if you can score a seat for this brunch, you might want to skip dinner the night before. Just saying, this brunch is insane! They have numerous items to choose from and it is all a la carte. You pay one fee, either 295 QAR (about $100) for all you can eat with soft drinks or 395 QAR (about $130) for all you can eat with specialty drinks.

You will be able to enjoy some prime cuts of meat, fresh seafood favorites, salads, and other amazing dishes all made fresh to order. The price may look steep, but when you consider the amount of food AND the quality you will understand why. If you have the money to spare, this is one of those activities that is definitely worth the splurge.

La Veranda at the Sheraton Grand Doha

This brunch is a “grab & go” style, which I enjoy from time to time. It features a salad bar, pasta station, pizza, soups, and plenty of meat dishes like lamb, veal, scallops, shrimp, and beef wellington. You can top it all off with some tiramisu or fresh fruit. Perhaps the biggest draw for this brunch is the view you get. Yes, the food is yummy and the service is splendid, but the blue water of the gulf is really what makes this establishment stand out.

This is another Friday Brunch favorite, so reservations are a must. If you are not looking to kick the day off with an enhanced (alcoholic) beverage you can expect to pay 225 QAR (around $75), but if you would enjoy a mimosa (or 2 or 3…) you will be looking at 405 QAR (around $135), so plan your budget accordingly.

Chin Chin Brunch at Spice Market at the W Doha

If you don’t want to spend at least $115 (or up to $150 if you plan to drink any specialty drinks) for a brunch you may want to skip to the next one. However, if you’re still here, you will be happy to know that this is one of the most unique brunch experiences in Doha. This brunch takes place every Friday from 12PM to 4PM and features live music from W Doha’s resident DJ.

The food is created by Michelin-star chef Jean-George and is bursting with flavors that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. They offer Asian-inspired dishes, sweet and savory, and the vivid ambiance will make this a brunch that’ll be hard to forget. Besides all the delicious foods you will have access to (sushi bar, BBQ, seafood, desserts, and more), you will likely be surprised by just how attentive the servers are. Remember the price? Well, here you really get what you pay for! Make your reservations early if you want to secure a seat.

Al Thouraya at the Ezdan Hotel West Bay

Ok, since the previous Doha brunch spot was very expensive, I thought I should throw in a budget one, too. Not that that means the quality of the food is any less, it just happens to be cheaper. This one is also good for the kids since it’s a pretty laidback atmosphere. Their Friday Brunch will only set you back 149 QAR (about $50) and includes access to a wide variety of Arabic and International dishes. If you want to make it a full day activity you can opt to pay 175 QAR (about $60) and it’ll include access to the pool at the hotel.

Claw BBQ at the DoubleTree by Hilton Old Town

Those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty will definitely appreciate this one. Claw BBQ brings some American style BBQ and New Orleans Cajun and Creole flavors to Doha. Enjoy strong cocktails and crab legs (if that’s what you want!). The premium brunch package features beer, wine, gin, vodka, etc. for 295 QAR (about $100, but if you’re not trying to fill up with alcohol, you can go for the standard package with soft drinks for just 180 QAR (about $60). These prices are very cheap for all the food you will get to eat. If you’re visiting and getting a little homesick, this will definitely make you forget for a moment that you’re even in the Middle East!

Needless to say there are numerous places to get brunch in Doha. These were some of the best that I have had the chance to find, but with a little exploring I’m sure you can find some other ones for yourself. Just remember, it’s best to plan ahead and reserve a seat if you do plan to visit any of these venues.